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How to make a sale of a Limited Company?

12 junio, 2018

limited company

Do you want to get a limited company but do not know how?

For sale of companies we specialize in the purchase and sale of limited companies. We have years of experience and hundreds of clients who support us.

Where to start?

The first thing we recommend is to access our website and see our list of limited companies available, once you find a limited company that fits your search we will do the rest.

How is the sale of the limited company proceeded?

Once through our website you have found the company that fits your search, we will proceed to perform all the relevant procedures to make everything easier and more comfortable for you.

What are these procedures?

We are interested in the time of our clients, they already say that time is money, so so that you do not waste time in carrying out the corresponding “paperwork”, we will take care of contacting our trusted notary and you just have to come the day and at the set time.

What is its function throughout the process?

As we have already commented previously, we take care of everything.
After the election of the company, we proceed to send to the notary all the necessary documents to carry out the sale of the company. You should not worry about looking for a notary, or explain the procedures you want to do, we work with several notaries, all of them trustful and agile. Hundreds of clients can guarantee our professionalism and the trust placed in these notaries.

How long does it take to complete all the relevant procedures?

This is the most surprising, being professionals in the field, you can have a limited company operational in 24 hours, if you have read correctly, since you choose the company on our website, until the signature is done in notary, you can spend only hours and that is our specialty, limited companies fully operational in a relatively short time.
Therefore, if you are looking for efficiency and professionalism, have found the right team, we will take care of everything with a professionalism that will amaze you.


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